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Companies all over the world have always preferred to set their headquarters in Australia as the city is known to be the best country regarding infrastructure, technological development and also the conducive climate in this region. Among the most famous states that most companies have set their companies in including New South Wales, Queens land, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia among Others.

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Most of the world renown companies such as Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nokia among others have set their headquarters in New South Wales. These companies prefer this state due to the country’s economy, its epicentre of a manufacturing base, a strong research and innovation culture and also the country is known as one of the world’s finest political, regulatory and financial regime. This is the factors that have made most companies to shift their offices to this place as they are assured of uninterrupted business operations.

Another state that companies prefer to set their offices in is Queensland. This state is preferred by most companies when they are setting up their offices due to its well-established architecture and the warm climate that suites all office operations. Among the companies that have set their offices in Queensland include Deloitte which is one the largest auditing firm in the world, lawyers Shine Corporate, Carindale Property Trust among others. These companies have experienced growth since their inception in this state. Western Australia is also preferred by most companies especially the mining companies as the best place to set up their companies. They prefer the state due to its development, and also the support extended to them by the Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) which offer them state bonds.

South Australia and Victoria are other states that are attractive to companies all over the world. These two states also attract major companies all over the world who invest and set up their subsidiaries or offices in these states so that they can experience a competitive advantage and economic growth. Among the companies in this states are Dubloo Software Pty Ltd, Geek Support Pty Ltd, and Geographic Web Solution Pty Ltd among others.

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Companies shifting to this country find it difficult to transport their office belongings due to their delicate nature, their huge size and also the long distance needed to transport these important office items to Australia. The process of transporting the items proves to be quite a stressful moment for the companies as others incur a huge cost, damage to the equipment or even loss of the items during transit.

It, therefore, becomes an important topic to be properly researched and discussed as it has been proved that most companies lack sufficient information about the right packages or boxes that they can use when they are transporting their items to a new destination. Getting new packing boxes is stress-free since they come in the right shape and size designed to fit your items perfectly without any strain.

Packing boxes are widely available, and they come in different shapes, size design and even texture or material to fit all your logistic needs. Among those widely accepted packing boxes are the corrugated packing boxes. These packing boxes have gained popularity over the years as they are well designed to meet all the transport needs. Corrugated packing boxes are designed in such a way that the edges comprise of rows of air columns. If you’re looking to buy packing boxes in Australia, here is the perfect place start your shopping.

The air trapped in this column acts as a cushion and provides better protection against shock, compression, moisture or vibration. This ensures that the items being transported are free from any damage that may be experienced during transportation thus providing the items safe and intact when they reach their destination. Unlike second hand or reused packing boxes which wear and tear with time, new corrugated packing boxes are durable, and their material does not wear and tear over a short period hence they can be used when transporting items over a long distance.

Purchasing new packing boxes saves you a lot of time that would be spent in looking for the right boxes from friends and relatives. Getting second-hand boxes is also tiresome sine one is not able to get the right box that fits your items perfectly as those that are available may have a limitation of perfectly fitting your items. Most second-hand packing boxes come with some defections. Some may be broken while others may be having some hidden dents that are very risky while transporting your items as some components may fall out during transportation or even allow water to trickle in and damage your items.

New packing boxes come with special features. Some of these features include graphic designs that allow you to print your company logos on them. Hence, they become very attractive and at the same time serving as a marketing tool for your company. These new packing boxes come in different materials to withstand the weight of the items that are transported as opposed to second-hand boxes which are mainly of limited material that at times fail to withstand the weight of the items packed in them.

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New packing boxes come in the right size. This means that the items to be packed in the will fit in them without leaving any space in between them. This may cause shifting of the items packed inside and ultimately damaging the items as is experienced with second-hand packing boxes. Second-hand packing boxes in most cases are dirty and end up dirtying the items packed in them and also displaying a bad image for the company transporting the items.

Most delivery companies and freight carriers use dimensional weight pricing for ground shipment. They charge the items to be transported regarding the weight of both the packing boxes and the content in them. This results in unnecessary cost incurred by companies that use large second-hand boxes as they are penalised regardless of the size of the content packed in them. Therefore, new packing boxes become advantageous as they can be customised to the size of the content to be transported thus saving on unnecessary costs.

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