The Top Boutiques to Shop for Designer Dresses In Australia

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If you’re searching for some designer dresses to buy when visiting Australia, it can be a little more difficult than you might think. There are plenty of boutique stores throughout the country, but only a select few throughout the “Land Down Under” are some of the must-stop places when it comes to finding designer dresses. This article will highlight some of the top boutiques you need to visit to get the best designer dresses. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing shops.

The Top Boutique Stores to Find Designer Dresses

New South Wales

Splice Boutique

The Splice Boutique is located near Freshwater Beach, and its building was created with an exquisite modern design. You can browse through the boutique while gazing at unique pieces of art scattered around and large tropical plants cleverly placed throughout the store.

The clothing in this store is lined with the towering walls and offers a large mix of different designers you can shop for. You’ll find designer dresses by renowned labels like Auguste the Label and Viktoria and Woods. There aren’t many places that offer such a wide mix of designers in one location like the Splice Boutique does making it a stop you must make while in New South Wales.

Phyllis & Mimosa Clothing Byron Bay


This clothing boutique is situated in Byron Bay and is only a walk away from the beach. It has many beautiful designer dresses for you to browse through. For instance, you’ll find the Freda Lux Maxi Dress which is made of a delicate silk, V-neck line, and straps and also features pockets on the side. There’s also the remarkable Maui Print Dress which is designed with a floral pattern and has side pockets. Besides these stunning dresses, you’ll also find the Boat Shed Dress, a long designer dress made of a soft grey and white striped fabric that flows down to a side split.
After shopping for your dress, you can browse through the boutique’s large collection of jewellery and hats that you can use to help enhance your new dress even more.


Megan Park Boutique

Megan Park Boutique offers plenty of designer dresses you can shop for. One major internationally famous Australian designer, you’ll find here is Megan Park. You’ll find many of her signature designs like Sasha which is made with a beautiful flowing white and black abstract floral fabric. There’s also the stunning Ruby which is made of a luxurious, bright red material that has a slight opening in the front but long flowing fabric in the back. This boutique also has a collection of stunning Embroidery dresses all of which have unique patterns and cuts which will instantly turn heads when you wear it. If you have questions or want to have a custom fitting done, you can set up an appointment with this boutique, and they’ll work to help you find the best designer dress for your needs.


If you’re looking to get exclusive designer dresses for your closet, you’ll want to check out this boutique. You’ll find many spectacular dresses by designer Nicole Angela Williams here that you can wear for events like parties and weddings. Williams’ signature style is the Multiway dress, a dress that can be styled in various ways with a wrap built into the dress. You can visit this shop and enjoy trying on some stylish dresses in the boutique’s elegant dressing rooms.
But even with all of the amazing options available, if you still don’t find something you like, you can request to have a custom dress made exclusively for you.

Western Australia

Devoted Boutique

The Devoted Boutique offers a wide variety of designer dresses you can choose from. You’ll find dresses from designer brands like Jadore, Jovani, and Alyce Paris here. This boutique is known for being very helpful when it comes to trying to find the dress that’s right for you. It’s a great stop to make for those looking to get the perfect designer dress for their closet.

South Australia

Birdcage Boutique

The Birdcage Boutique is a very modern and stylish boutique you can shop for designer dresses in. When you walk in you’ll instantly be welcomed by long walls that are lined with racks filled with plenty of designer dresses for you to browse through. This boutique offers dresses from many designer brands like Finders Keepers, The Fifth, and C/MEO Collective. One popular C/MEO Collective dress available here is the Vanish Mini Dress which is made out of an ivory floral fabric and features a V-neckline and flared sleeves.

Impulse Boutique

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Nestled between some small shops, Impulse Boutique might not look very big on the outside, but once you enter this boutique, you’ll be instantly amazed. This boutique is designed with a very chic look and is filled with beautiful furniture and tables that are topped with fresh flowers and jewellery you can marvel at. Besides the decorations, Impulse is packed with plenty of designer dresses for you to shop for. You’ll find dresses from M.A. Dainty, Life with Bird, and Curate by Trelise Cooper all waiting for you to try them on. No matter what your fashion style or taste, there’s something for everyone here.


Camilla Indooroopilly Boutique

This boutique is one of the most stunning you’ll find in Queensland. It’s made with a very modern design that’s filled with paintings and large statues. Inside the dressing rooms, you’ll find colourful tiles that cover the walls and vibrant lanterns that light the way. This boutique features designs by the famous Australian designer Camilla Franks so you’ll find plenty of her beautiful designer dresses you can try on here like Slice of Paradise, Sundowners, and Shades of Rio. If you love bold, bright, and creative prints, you’ll want to take a trip to this boutique.

Calexico Boutique

The Calexico Boutique is ideal to shop in if you’re looking to find a large selection of designer items as they offer over 80 designers. One unique designer they feature is Isabel Marant. You’ll find plenty of different dress designs from this brand like ones made with a light blue floral fabric that features plenty of ruffles and others that have a very bohemian look and are designed with a plunging neckline. After finding your dream designer dress here, you can shop around the boutique for some shoes in their vast collection that can go with your new dress.

These boutiques are some of the top places to visit in Australia if you’re looking to find some designer dresses. Each boutique has its style and ambience which can make the shopping experience even more worthwhile. No matter what type of dress you’re looking for, these shops will be able to help you find a stylish new outfit you can add to your wardrobe.

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