Why planning and architectural design are integral to each other in building your house

For most of us, getting down to the task of building a home is a lifetime mission and comes with plenty of excitement. You have also burnt enough midnight oil sketching out your home mentally and perhaps in company with your partner. Chances are also that you have driven or walked around your neighbourhood visually examining some of those beautiful homes and creating a picture in your mind so that it is vivid when you get down to the task of actually designing your home with your architect.


Planning comes ahead of architectural design

There are many components to planning the construction of a home. Site investigation, neighbourhood, the layout of the home, plumbing, electrical connections, local regulations, accessibility, and similar factors will need careful consideration even before you decide on your first meeting with the architect of your choice. In other words, you need to prepare a flow chart or in simple terms, a list of where things will begin and end. This will also be an all-important document that you will refer to all through the process from soil testing to the final beautification of your home. On that note, let us broadly understand each of these components to learn how they play out in your dream home.

Site investigation

You will possibly need professional services to complete this part of the job. Site investigation will include soil testing to ensure that the site can comfortably take all the load that comes on it when the construction is complete. For instance, if your proposed home is close to the sea or another water body, chances are that the soil strength turns out to be poor at a depth of 30 to 40 feet because of the proximity to a water body. However, with technological advances, there are many ways to address this. Pile foundation is one such method wherein the columns supporting the superstructure are taken to greater depths by drilling deep down and reinforcing the pit with a mix of cement, sand and jelly. Only an expert acquainted with addressing soil conditions can advise on the exact procedure to be followed. Another factor that would be considered is the impact on the integrity of the structure in the event of heavy floods or earthquakes.
Site investigation will also take into consideration the surroundings, air flow, plumbing aspects, electrical connections and designing your home itself. Importantly, cross ventilation can be an aspect that your planning expert might look into. Some experts like DX Architects undertake a deep investigation of the site and record measurements, take into consideration any design constraints which improves overall project costs.



Ideally, your home should synchronize harmoniously with other homes in your neighbourhood to ensure aesthetic appeal.

The layout of the home

The layout of the home should be determined before you start any work on the site. Possibly, this is an area where your architect and planner, together will determine the layout in consultation with you to ensure that the final output presents your dreams perfectly.

Plumbing and electrical connections

This would rely on where you get your water and electrical connections from and once again your architect would work in collaboration with the planner to achieve perfect harmony.

Local regulations

Local regulations are in place across the nation and can vary from one region to the other. You may also need to obtain some kind of permission or licence before you commence work on your site.


Throughout the construction of your home, you will need to get plenty of heavy truck loads like cement, steel, sand etc. Therefore, accessibility and provision for storing some of these materials is a critical factor that will go into the planning of your home. Would you also perhaps need a temporary shed to store some of these materials and protect them from the elements?

Designing your home

Once all the aspects of planning are carefully addressed and documented, you can move on to the design part of your dream home with the architect. The architect will consider two major aspects before coming up with one or more designs for your home. Structural stability and aesthetic appeal are the major factors that will go into the designing of your home. The aesthetic appeal will deal with the overall external appearance while structural stability will address issues like load factor, air flow, soil condition, potential threats from storm, earthquake etc.

Elevation details

This is one area you may want to pay particular attention. The best way to deal with elevations details is to go around your neighbourhood (preferably on foot) and appreciate the overall appeal of other homes in the neighbourhood. You can seek the permission of the owners and take photographs to compare later with the design provided by your architect. You can also use a world of samples offered by the digital world to compare your own design.

In deciding the elevation details, you should also bear in mind that you could need plenty of cash after you move into your new home. These expenses could come in the form of new furniture, furnishings, maybe new gadgets and paraphernalia to make your new home functionally and aesthetically appealing. If you decide against spending too much on the front elevation and go with a simple design, you may not be able to alter the elevation design at a later date.

Your budget

Finally, everything should fit into your budget. Do remember that there can be items like internal embellishments that can be put off by some time. Painting is another important expenditure to beautify your home. However, it may be advantageous to allow some seasoning time for the cement plastered walls before you take up painting. This will allow water particles inside the walls to evaporate leaving a completely dry surface. This way, you can also ward off issues like blistering when you take up the painting of walls and other wooden/metal components in your home.

Buying a Maternity Bra: What You Need to Know

If you’re expecting a baby or have already had one, you’ve probably already have gone maternity bra shopping or are about too. When you shop for these products, you’ll find that there is surprisingly a large selection to choose from. Because of this, it can be overwhelming to see the bra that will work best for you. This article will look more into what a maternity bra is and some helpful tips you can use to ensure you invest in the one that’s right for your needs.

What is a Maternity Bra?

maternity bra

Why maternity bra, also sometimes known as a nursing bra, is a specially designed product to help make it easier for women who are currently nursing an infant. However, they are a little different from a regular nursing bra in the sense that they don’t have a particular opening that allows you to remove the bra’s cup so you can nurse your baby. Should I Use a Maternity Bra?
You should start to look for a maternity bra about 8-10 weeks after your pregnancy begins. Your chest will start to expand quickly and having a maternity bra on hand will allow you to give it the support it needs instantly.

Why is it Important to Use One?

Maternity bras are essential to wear if you want to give your chest extra support. With the weight gained in your chest, it will lead to your breasts sagging. A maternity bra can help to prop them up and keep the tissues in them healthy, so they don’t stay sagged after your pregnancy.

How is it Different From Regular Bras?

maternity bra collection 3

While they look very similar to regular bras, maternity bras do have a few differences.

They are More Comfortable

They are Regular bras can be comfortable, but maternity bras are made to be a little more so. This is due to your chest expanding a bit after having given birth. Regular bras aren’t designed for this and usually only are made with one layer of fabric. In other words, regular bras are meant to be a little more stylish while maternity bras are intended to be more comfortable. Thick
To help prevent leakage from going through your bra and clothing, maternity bras are designed with many layers of materials, like cotton, to help prevent this.

They Give Extra Support

After giving birth, your cup size will expand significantly. Your regular bra more than likely won’t be able to provide you with the support you need. You’ll find that the cups on maternity bras are large enough to hold everything comfortably while still giving you a little room, so it’s not too tight.

They are Strong

These bras are made of a durable elastic and feature multiple hooks to help keep them durable and working well for your needs. However, this doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable to use. The hooks are specially placed to make sure they don’t rub your back or side.

Maternity Bra Trends

maternity bra collection 2

When shopping for a maternity bra, you’ll find plenty of trends. One of the most popular at the moment is a bamboo fibre filled bra. Bamboo fibres are woven into soft padding which gives you even more comfort than the typical cotton layers. Bamboo is also known for being good at absorbing odours so you won’t have to worry about any smells leaking through. It also works well at preventing sweat from forming thanks to its breathable materials. In addition to all this, bamboo fibre is known for being very insulating. This means it will keep you warm when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot, says designer Yael Carmeli of Bfree. Click here for a huge range of her bamboo fibre maternity and other lingerie.
Another significant trend is making the bras more stylish. Maternity bras tend to be a little more subtle with their design, although that’s changing now. Designers are creating products that look like regular bras with unique colours and designs but still feature the support and comfort that maternity bras need. You’ll be able to find styles like lace and even sport maternity bras you can wear.

What to Look for in a Maternity Bra

Shopping for a maternity bra isn’t necessarily difficult, but there are a few essential things you should keep in mind. Below are a few of them you should consider.

The Material

The material of a maternity bra is crucial to consider. Many are made of cotton, while some are made of bamboo fibre. It’s important to find the differences so you wear a bra that will fit your needs perfectly.

How it Fits

One of the most important things to look for when shopping for a maternity bra is its fit. Check the cup size and bands to ensure that everything will fit you well. To measure yourself for your maternity bra, you’ll want to measure your upper chest and then round up to the next whole number after doing so to find your correct band size. You can then measure around your bust to find your cup size. When you’re done, subtract the measurements from each other, and you’ll see your correct maternity bra size.
It’s essential that you find the right fit as one that is uncomfortable can not only be a hassle to wear but can hurt your shoulders and back and cause strain in them.


Adjustability is vital when searching for a maternity bra. You want to make sure that you can adjust the bra quickly as your needs change. Look for multiple bands and hooks that can instantly be replaced if necessary. The best maternity bra will have this feature and allow you to move around more freely.



Many maternity bras tend to become very worn out after one pregnancy which leads to you needing to invest in another if you’re expecting another child. To prevent this, you should look for a durable bra that will withstand heavy duty usage and can be re-used when necessary.

If you’re expecting or have already given birth, a maternity bra is an excellent product to use. It will not only help to provide you with comfort both during and after your pregnancy but can give you extra support. Consider the trends and tips mentioned above as they will help to ensure you experience the utmost comfort when wearing one of these bras.

Moving Office in Australia and Need Packing Boxes

Companies all over the world have always preferred to set their headquarters in Australia as the city is known to be the best country regarding infrastructure, technological development and also the conducive climate in this region. Among the most famous states that most companies have set their companies in including New South Wales, Queens land, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia among Others.

Packing box

Most of the world renown companies such as Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nokia among others have set their headquarters in New South Wales. These companies prefer this state due to the country’s economy, its epicentre of a manufacturing base, a strong research and innovation culture and also the country is known as one of the world’s finest political, regulatory and financial regime. This is the factors that have made most companies to shift their offices to this place as they are assured of uninterrupted business operations.

Another state that companies prefer to set their offices in is Queensland. This state is preferred by most companies when they are setting up their offices due to its well-established architecture and the warm climate that suites all office operations. Among the companies that have set their offices in Queensland include Deloitte which is one the largest auditing firm in the world, lawyers Shine Corporate, Carindale Property Trust among others. These companies have experienced growth since their inception in this state. Western Australia is also preferred by most companies especially the mining companies as the best place to set up their companies. They prefer the state due to its development, and also the support extended to them by the Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) which offer them state bonds.

South Australia and Victoria are other states that are attractive to companies all over the world. These two states also attract major companies all over the world who invest and set up their subsidiaries or offices in these states so that they can experience a competitive advantage and economic growth. Among the companies in this states are Dubloo Software Pty Ltd, Geek Support Pty Ltd, and Geographic Web Solution Pty Ltd among others.

Packing delivery

Companies shifting to this country find it difficult to transport their office belongings due to their delicate nature, their huge size and also the long distance needed to transport these important office items to Australia. The process of transporting the items proves to be quite a stressful moment for the companies as others incur a huge cost, damage to the equipment or even loss of the items during transit.

It, therefore, becomes an important topic to be properly researched and discussed as it has been proved that most companies lack sufficient information about the right packages or boxes that they can use when they are transporting their items to a new destination. Getting new packing boxes is stress-free since they come in the right shape and size designed to fit your items perfectly without any strain.

Packing boxes are widely available, and they come in different shapes, size design and even texture or material to fit all your logistic needs. Among those widely accepted packing boxes are the corrugated packing boxes. These packing boxes have gained popularity over the years as they are well designed to meet all the transport needs. Corrugated packing boxes are designed in such a way that the edges comprise of rows of air columns. If you’re looking to buy packing boxes in Australia, here is the perfect place start your shopping.

The air trapped in this column acts as a cushion and provides better protection against shock, compression, moisture or vibration. This ensures that the items being transported are free from any damage that may be experienced during transportation thus providing the items safe and intact when they reach their destination. Unlike second hand or reused packing boxes which wear and tear with time, new corrugated packing boxes are durable, and their material does not wear and tear over a short period hence they can be used when transporting items over a long distance.

Purchasing new packing boxes saves you a lot of time that would be spent in looking for the right boxes from friends and relatives. Getting second-hand boxes is also tiresome sine one is not able to get the right box that fits your items perfectly as those that are available may have a limitation of perfectly fitting your items. Most second-hand packing boxes come with some defections. Some may be broken while others may be having some hidden dents that are very risky while transporting your items as some components may fall out during transportation or even allow water to trickle in and damage your items.

New packing boxes come with special features. Some of these features include graphic designs that allow you to print your company logos on them. Hence, they become very attractive and at the same time serving as a marketing tool for your company. These new packing boxes come in different materials to withstand the weight of the items that are transported as opposed to second-hand boxes which are mainly of limited material that at times fail to withstand the weight of the items packed in them.

Wrapping a box

New packing boxes come in the right size. This means that the items to be packed in the will fit in them without leaving any space in between them. This may cause shifting of the items packed inside and ultimately damaging the items as is experienced with second-hand packing boxes. Second-hand packing boxes in most cases are dirty and end up dirtying the items packed in them and also displaying a bad image for the company transporting the items.

Most delivery companies and freight carriers use dimensional weight pricing for ground shipment. They charge the items to be transported regarding the weight of both the packing boxes and the content in them. This results in unnecessary cost incurred by companies that use large second-hand boxes as they are penalised regardless of the size of the content packed in them. Therefore, new packing boxes become advantageous as they can be customised to the size of the content to be transported thus saving on unnecessary costs.

The Top Boutiques to Shop for Designer Dresses In Australia

Model in designer dress

If you’re searching for some designer dresses to buy when visiting Australia, it can be a little more difficult than you might think. There are plenty of boutique stores throughout the country, but only a select few throughout the “Land Down Under” are some of the must-stop places when it comes to finding designer dresses. This article will highlight some of the top boutiques you need to visit to get the best designer dresses. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing shops.

The Top Boutique Stores to Find Designer Dresses

New South Wales

Splice Boutique

The Splice Boutique is located near Freshwater Beach, and its building was created with an exquisite modern design. You can browse through the boutique while gazing at unique pieces of art scattered around and large tropical plants cleverly placed throughout the store.

The clothing in this store is lined with the towering walls and offers a large mix of different designers you can shop for. You’ll find designer dresses by renowned labels like Auguste the Label and Viktoria and Woods. There aren’t many places that offer such a wide mix of designers in one location like the Splice Boutique does making it a stop you must make while in New South Wales.

Phyllis & Mimosa Clothing Byron Bay


This clothing boutique is situated in Byron Bay and is only a walk away from the beach. It has many beautiful designer dresses for you to browse through. For instance, you’ll find the Freda Lux Maxi Dress which is made of a delicate silk, V-neck line, and straps and also features pockets on the side. There’s also the remarkable Maui Print Dress which is designed with a floral pattern and has side pockets. Besides these stunning dresses, you’ll also find the Boat Shed Dress, a long designer dress made of a soft grey and white striped fabric that flows down to a side split.
After shopping for your dress, you can browse through the boutique’s large collection of jewellery and hats that you can use to help enhance your new dress even more.


Megan Park Boutique

Megan Park Boutique offers plenty of designer dresses you can shop for. One major internationally famous Australian designer, you’ll find here is Megan Park. You’ll find many of her signature designs like Sasha which is made with a beautiful flowing white and black abstract floral fabric. There’s also the stunning Ruby which is made of a luxurious, bright red material that has a slight opening in the front but long flowing fabric in the back. This boutique also has a collection of stunning Embroidery dresses all of which have unique patterns and cuts which will instantly turn heads when you wear it. If you have questions or want to have a custom fitting done, you can set up an appointment with this boutique, and they’ll work to help you find the best designer dress for your needs.


If you’re looking to get exclusive designer dresses for your closet, you’ll want to check out this boutique. You’ll find many spectacular dresses by designer Nicole Angela Williams here that you can wear for events like parties and weddings. Williams’ signature style is the Multiway dress, a dress that can be styled in various ways with a wrap built into the dress. You can visit this shop and enjoy trying on some stylish dresses in the boutique’s elegant dressing rooms.
But even with all of the amazing options available, if you still don’t find something you like, you can request to have a custom dress made exclusively for you.

Western Australia

Devoted Boutique

The Devoted Boutique offers a wide variety of designer dresses you can choose from. You’ll find dresses from designer brands like Jadore, Jovani, and Alyce Paris here. This boutique is known for being very helpful when it comes to trying to find the dress that’s right for you. It’s a great stop to make for those looking to get the perfect designer dress for their closet.

South Australia

Birdcage Boutique

The Birdcage Boutique is a very modern and stylish boutique you can shop for designer dresses in. When you walk in you’ll instantly be welcomed by long walls that are lined with racks filled with plenty of designer dresses for you to browse through. This boutique offers dresses from many designer brands like Finders Keepers, The Fifth, and C/MEO Collective. One popular C/MEO Collective dress available here is the Vanish Mini Dress which is made out of an ivory floral fabric and features a V-neckline and flared sleeves.

Impulse Boutique

Girls in a event

Nestled between some small shops, Impulse Boutique might not look very big on the outside, but once you enter this boutique, you’ll be instantly amazed. This boutique is designed with a very chic look and is filled with beautiful furniture and tables that are topped with fresh flowers and jewellery you can marvel at. Besides the decorations, Impulse is packed with plenty of designer dresses for you to shop for. You’ll find dresses from M.A. Dainty, Life with Bird, and Curate by Trelise Cooper all waiting for you to try them on. No matter what your fashion style or taste, there’s something for everyone here.


Camilla Indooroopilly Boutique

This boutique is one of the most stunning you’ll find in Queensland. It’s made with a very modern design that’s filled with paintings and large statues. Inside the dressing rooms, you’ll find colourful tiles that cover the walls and vibrant lanterns that light the way. This boutique features designs by the famous Australian designer Camilla Franks so you’ll find plenty of her beautiful designer dresses you can try on here like Slice of Paradise, Sundowners, and Shades of Rio. If you love bold, bright, and creative prints, you’ll want to take a trip to this boutique.

Calexico Boutique

The Calexico Boutique is ideal to shop in if you’re looking to find a large selection of designer items as they offer over 80 designers. One unique designer they feature is Isabel Marant. You’ll find plenty of different dress designs from this brand like ones made with a light blue floral fabric that features plenty of ruffles and others that have a very bohemian look and are designed with a plunging neckline. After finding your dream designer dress here, you can shop around the boutique for some shoes in their vast collection that can go with your new dress.

These boutiques are some of the top places to visit in Australia if you’re looking to find some designer dresses. Each boutique has its style and ambience which can make the shopping experience even more worthwhile. No matter what type of dress you’re looking for, these shops will be able to help you find a stylish new outfit you can add to your wardrobe.